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ColorCoat is the leading independent applicator in the USA that is FGIA/AAMA approved.

ColorCoat is a member of Fenestration and Glass Industry Association (formerly the American Architectural Manufacturers Association – AAMA) and recognized for 10 years of consecutive participation in January 2021.  Since 2012 our employees have Chaired or Co-Chaired multiple task groups and have been active as Board members, Presidents, and Vice Presidents of different Material Councils. We work closely with the industry’s lead coatings manufacturers and are listed on the FGIA (AAMA) Verified Components List under AAMA 613 and AAMA 615 testing.

What is the AAMA Certification?

“Any effective definition of product quality must encompass the performance of components as well as the way they interact to make a completed unit,” according to the FGIA website. “The AAMA Verified Components List (VCL), an FGIA Program, showcases window and door component manufacturers who have submitted samples for testing and those samples were found to be in full compliance with the applicable specification.

“To establish a total quality management system tying together the network of component suppliers and fenestration system fabricators, key component suppliers must assure window and door manufacturers that their products meet appropriate AAMA standards for painted finishes, weatherstrip, sealants, and hardware as referenced in AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440.”

We’re AAMA Gold certified.

Why is AAMA Certification Important?

A manufacturer cannot comply with AAMA Gold Certification Label unless they use components on the verified list. If they do not comply with these guidelines, they will not qualify to use the Gold Certification Label on their windows or doors. In the world of fenestration, losing your Gold status would be catastrophic.  

ColorCoat is the leading provider for “Organic Coatings on Plastic” in the USA. The component we bring is within the Verified Components List under AAMA 613 & 615. We have our own accredited lab testing done in order to comply with AAMA on an ongoing basis.

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