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Axolotl, the world’s most awarded Aesthetic surfacing company has selected ColorCoat, America’s most prolific fenestration OEM coating services company to bring surfaces into the digital age.

This new partnership expands ColorCoat’s capabilities to reach beyond the world of vinyl windows. With the addition of Axolotl’s breathtaking surfaces, which include metal, concrete, stone, and other materials, we can help transform a variety of substrates into true things of beauty. This expansion allows us to provide these amazing surfaces on products such as high-end entry doors, garage doors and a number of interior products, to name a few.

Here are some of the surfaces we are launching in 2024, with plans to expand offerings in the future:

Textured Designs

Applied Surfaces

For more information on this exciting new endeavor with ColorCoat and Axolotl, please enquire at [email protected], or call (208) 755-5316. You can also visit Axolotl’s website: